Professional Logo Design Process

                        10 Steps for Branding Clients

Construct the Creative Design Brief

The first step in any professional design project is to build a creative design brief.

To understand the client and their needs, we must ask questions and develop a clear understanding of their business, their industry and the issues they have been having.

This initial phase of the graphic design process stages can be completed however the client is most comfortable – be it over the phone, in person, using an online design questionnaire or simply via email.

Ultimately, the purpose of the design brief is to help the designer understand the project, so the more they know, the better they can communicate through the initial design concepts.

What Questions do we ask Clients?

The logo and branding services questionnaire we use is broken down into several key areas:

– About Your Business – What does your business/product do? What problem do you solve for your customers? What about your background, product or service sets you apart from your competitors?
– About Your Customers – Describe your ideal client, What is the primary message you want to convey to your customers?
– About the Project – If you have an existing brand/identity, why isn’t it working for you? Please share three links of Brands/Logos that inspire you. What do you like best about them? Using five adjectives or short phrases, describe your brand’s desired look and feel.